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How Smart Technology Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Your Home Monitoring System Can Become a Powerful Parenting Tool

How Smart Technology Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Every parent wishes they could keep an eye on their kids every second of the day to make sure they're doing alright. While we don't encourage becoming helicopter parents, having a smart home monitoring system may be the closest thing. Through smart surveillance and access control, it's easy for you to know when they've made it home safely or look in on how they're doing while you're at work.  In this blog, we go into more detail on how your smart security system can become a valuable parenting tool.

TAGS: Access Control | Alarm_com | Home Surveillance | image sensors

How to Design an Effective Home Surveillance System

Finding the Best Location for Your Security Cameras

How to Design an Effective Home Surveillance System

The foundation of your home surveillance system will be your security cameras. The reliability and efficiency of your system will depend not only on having high-quality cameras but also having them strategically placed. To get the best footage possible, the experts at Protech Security Co. take into account the best locations for the cameras in your Glencoe home and how they should be mounted.

TAGS: Alarm_Com | Home Security Cameras | Image Sensors

What Are the Benefits of Image Sensors?

Protech Security Co. Makes Them a Focal Point of Your Home Surveillance

What Are the Benefits of Image Sensors?

If you’re going to invest in a smart security system, you need to make sure your home surveillance is just as smart. Don’t settle for static cameras that record hours of grainy images, making it impossible to find what you need. Introduce image sensors into your system. These devices will begin taking pictures as soon as they sense movement within their field of view. Want to learn how your Lake Forest, Illinois home can benefit from them? Protech Security Co. has all the information you need.

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