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Articles tagged with: home security

5 Ways Smart Lighting Enhances Your Home Security

Get All Your Technology Working as One to Protect Your Family

5 Ways Smart Lighting Enhances Your Home Security

There are a lot of reasons people may decide to invest in smart lighting control. It adds simplicity and efficiency. It can save your family time and money through reduced energy consumption. But there’s another reason it’s indispensable in your Highland Park, Illinois home. It’s an essential tool in your home security system. It helps you deter intruders, evacuate during emergencies and enhances your surveillance.

TAGS: home security | Security System | Smart Home Automation

Are You Prepared to Deal With a Home Fire?

A Smart Home Monitoring Solution Helps You Respond During an Emergency

Are You Prepared to Deal With a Home Fire?

If there is ever a fire in your Glenview, Illinois home, you need to make sure you can react quickly. Even in small fires, the heat and smoke generated can result in health issues for your family and pets. In larger ones, it could take just five minutes for an entire structure to be engulfed in flames. With a proactive home monitoring system, there are a variety of ways to protect your family and home before, during and after a fire has taken place.

TAGS: Fire Alarm | home security | Security System

How to Find the Best Security Cameras for Your Home

Protech Security Co. Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Surveillance

How to Find the Best Security Cameras for Your Home

When you're looking for a strong security system for your Northbrook, Illinois home, you have to take into account your home surveillance. What is the best way to keep an eye on what matters most? It all begins with having the right cameras and knowing where they should be placed. The experienced installers at Protech Security Co. answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding security cameras to ensure you have the best surveillance system possible.

TAGS: Home Automation | home security | Security System

What Are the Benefits of Image Sensors?

Protech Security Co. Makes Them a Focal Point of Your Home Surveillance

What Are the Benefits of Image Sensors?

If you’re going to invest in a smart security system, you need to make sure your home surveillance is just as smart. Don’t settle for static cameras that record hours of grainy images, making it impossible to find what you need. Introduce image sensors into your system. These devices will begin taking pictures as soon as they sense movement within their field of view. Want to learn how your Lake Forest, Illinois home can benefit from them? Protech Security Co. has all the information you need.

TAGS: Alarm_com | Alarm_Com App | home security | image sensors