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Articles tagged with: Security System

How Will the 2G Sunset Affect Your Home Security?

As of January 2017, Security Providers Will Not Be Able to Use 2G Wireless Networks

How Will the 2G Sunset Affect Your Home Security?

In 2012, AT&T announced it would get rid of its 2G wireless network at the end of 2016. With that deadline just around the corner, security dealers throughout the country are scrambling to help people upgrade their services to ensure they're not left behind after the 2G sunset. The purpose of this blog is to explain what these networks are, why AT&T decided to make the change and, most importantly, how it could affect the home security system in your Glenview, Illinois residence. 

TAGS: 2G Sunset | AT&T | Home Network | home security | Security System

6 Types of Security Alerts for Your Home

Enjoy an Access Control Solution That Keeps You Informed At All Times

6 Types of Security Alerts for Your Home

One of the many benefits of a smart security system is always being connected to your home through your mobile app. Video surveillance can be monitored at any time to make sure everything is going well and you can also check in to see if all the doors are locked and lights are turned off. Ensuring everything is fine in your Winnetka, Illinois home shouldn’t be your sole responsibility. You can also take advantage of security alerts to enhance your home's surveillance, access control, and alarm features. In this blog, we'll focus specifically on how alerts can boost your home access control system.

TAGS: Geo-Fence | Home Access Control | home security | Security System | Smart Alerts

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Home Surveillance Video Alerts

Stay Informed About What’s Going on in Your Home at All Times

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Home Surveillance Video Alerts

Advances in home surveillance systems have had as much to do with how we acquire and share video as they have with improving image quality. You can now program cameras to record according to various triggers including motion, alarms activating, and doors opening. It's also simpler than ever to access your footage. You can check archives online, look in on live surveillance footage or receive video alerts.

These alerts can also be set off by the same triggers as your cameras. Receive a text message or email with an accompanying video so you always know firsthand what’s going on in your Glenview, Illinois home. Below we’ll take a look at some great uses for these video alerts.

TAGS: home security | Security System | Surveillance Video

Incorporating Unique User Codes in Your Home Access Control

Make it Easier to Monitor Whose Entering and Leaving Your Residence

Incorporating Unique User Codes in Your Home Access Control

As the smart home security market continues to expand, smart locks remain one of its most popular products. Smart home access control solutions let you manage and monitor who's coming in and out of your home at all times. One way they do this is through unique users codes. Every member of your family as well as recurring visitors---like a housekeeper or dog walker—can receive a unique code. You no longer need to put your home at risk by keeping a spare key under the mat or making copies that could fall into the wrong hands.

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