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Where Are the Best Places to Install Your Business Security Cameras?

Optimize Your Commercial Surveillance System with This Installation Guide

Where Are the Best Places to Install Your Business Security Cameras?

When installing a commercial surveillance system, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. You're going to want to invest in cameras that offer remote and local access so you can view security at all times and that include necessary encryption to protect your business information. When it comes to mounting your cameras, work with a professional that knows exactly where to place your cameras to get the best view of your Glencoe, IL business. In this blog, we highlight some of the most beneficial places to mount your commercial surveillance cameras.

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Monitor Entry and Exit Points

The best way to protect your business is to deter break-ins and keep track of who’s entering and leaving your property. Mount cameras outside your main entry points to get footage of everyone coming in. Having visible cameras may also deter intruders or potential thieves from entering your business to begin with. You should also include some inside your entry points at eye-level so you can get clear of view of faces when reviewing footage.

Protect Vulnerable Areas

You may have additional places that are known as ‘burglary targets.' These can be specific areas in your business –like a storage room in the back—or specific items. For example, in a retail setting, you want to have cameras monitoring high-risk items like jewelry or electronics. In an office environment, you may want to keep an eye on file cabinets storing valuable documents.

For some of these applications, it may be useful to utilize built-in motion sensors. As soon a motion is detected, cameras begin recording and send you or your manager an alert letting you know suspicious activity was spotted.

Keep an Eye on Employees

While a business security system is there primarily to diminish external threats, you also have to consider the risk of employee theft. Protect your property by placing cameras in storage areas, by Point of Sale terminals, and near employee lockers. Having cameras throughout your workplace can also help prevent false worker’s comp reports.

Be Mindful of the Surroundings

Your commercial surveillance system should also have cameras monitoring the areas around your business. A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 1 in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots or garages. Having cameras pointed at the street, or parking lot can also get you valuable footage of robbers leaving your property that you can hand over to the authorities.

Be Careful of Local Privacy Laws

It may be tempting to try and monitor every square foot of your property. Not only is this impractical since you'll end up looking through a ton of useless footage, but it can also lead to legal troubles. Keep cameras away from places that are typically covered by state privacy laws including dressing rooms, hotels rooms, exam rooms, and bathrooms.

The experts at Protech Security Co. can advise you on the best ways to set up your cameras and ensure you have a solution in place that makes it easy for you to access and review your footage. To learn more about our small business security solutions, call us at (224) 355-1200 or fill out our online contact form.