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What to Look for When Buying Security Locks

Invest in the Right Equipment to Protect Your Family and Home

What to Look for When Buying Security Locks

There are many reasons people around the country are getting rid of their traditional deadbolts and upgrading to a smarter solution. You don’t have to struggle with clunky keychains, it’s easier to share access with friends or employees, and you can even get control of your locks when you’re away from your Lake Forest, IL home. While upgrading your home access control solution is an easy choice, finding the right equipment is not as simple. In this blog, we show you some things you need to take into account when purchasing smart locks.

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How Do You Want to Manage Your Lock?

No matter how advanced your locks are, they’re still there to serve the same primary function: to lock and unlock your doors. What changes with a smart lock is how you do that. You can use unique access codes, pull up your smartphone or even use traditional keys.

  •  Keypad: There are two primary options when it comes to keypads: they can have physical buttons or a touchpad. While touchpads offer a sleeker look, some clients prefer physical buttons since it’s easier to put in codes without looking. It’s also important to check the amount of access codes that can be programmed into a lock. Most allow 20-30 codes while some have unlimited capabilities.
  • Smartphone: Most smart locks let you use your phone, whether it’s through a native app or by incorporating your locks into a smart security or home automation system. You can pull up your app, tap the lock or wave your phone in front of it to open the door.
  • Keyhole: Even if you upgrade your lock, you can still hold on to your old keys. Hybrid locks can ensure you don’t end up locked out if you run out of batteries or have connectivity issues.

What Type of Connection Protocol is Best?

Smart locks offer three type of connections: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave. Which one you use will depend on how you want to use your lock. If it’ll be a standalone lock separated from the rest of your home technology, Bluetooth is a good option. This type of connection takes up less energy, expanding your battery life. If you want to link your lock to a smart security system, however, we recommend a Z-Wave lock.

With a Z-Wave lock, you can communicate with most smart devices on the market whether it's a smart hub like Amazon Echo or a security system from Alarm.com. Your lock connects to a hub device linked to all your smart devices. With smart integration, you can access your lock even if you’re not home. As long as you have access to the internet, you can manage your locks no matter where you are.

Change the way you interact with your locks by upgrading to a smart access control solution. Contact Protech Security Co. to find out which option would work best for you.