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What is the Best Home Security App?

Protech Security Co. Helps You Stay Connected at All Times

What is the Best Home Security App?

A number pad may have been adequate for traditional alarm systems, but it’s lacking when it comes to smart home security systems. With a system integrating access control, energy monitoring, alarm systems, surveillance and more, you need a comprehensive way to access everything. While you’re at home, you can do it on touchpads offering access to all your features, but for increased convenience why not take control of your Lake Forest, Illinois home with your smartphone? Below are some features that make the Alarm.com mobile app stand out from its competitors.

All Your Features in One Place

The primary benefit of the Alarm.com smart app is being able to control every aspect of your security system from one place. You don’t have to open multiple apps in order to access all your connected devices. Whether you want to look in on live surveillance or check if the front door was locked, you do it all from the same intuitive menu. Alarm.com even makes it easy for you with a single screen that gives you your home’s full, up-to-date status.

Go Mobile With Your Smart App

Another primary benefit is being able to check in on your home while on the go. No matter where you are, you’re always connected. Aside from the live surveillance feed mentioned above, you can also look-in on your home to check if the thermostat is set to the right temperature, all lights are turned off and the system is armed. Access saved clips and images taken by motion-sensor cameras in your home to ensure nothing is out of place. Notice a door was left unlocked? You can fix it remotely from your smartphone.

Stay Connected With Real-Time Alerts

You don’t have to check your phone 24/7 to stay connected. Let Alarm.com take care of that for you. Set up personalized push notifications that give you a heads-up when something happens. Get a message when kids make it home from school, if a door is left unlocked or if one of your motion-sensor cameras is activated. With your system taking the initiative, you know you’ll always be informed of what’s happening in your home.

Experience Seamless Control on Your Watch

Want even more convenience? The Alarm.com app is now available on the Apple Watch and Pebble Watch. Through quick, one-step interactions, controlling your home is as easy as checking the time. Though it’s preferable to access images and video on larger screens for optimal results, all off the app’s features are available on your smartwatch: control locks, lights, doors, thermostat and more. You can also receive notifications on your watch according to your pre-set preferences.

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