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Get Smart With a Security System That Conserves Energy (and Time)

Protech Helps You Monitor Your Glencoe Home for Optimal Performance

Get Smart With a Security System That Conserves Energy (and Time)

Wondering what home security has to do with energy efficiency? We don’t blame you. But home security and energy management are actually a match made in heaven since they both rely on the same basic pillars: information and communication.

Want to see how an Alarm.com security system from Protech can help make your Glencoe, Illinois home more efficient? Read on to find out some of the cost-cutting features of a home energy monitoring system: 

Stay Informed to Cut Down on Costs

From monitoring light consumption to keeping track of appliance usage, you are always in the loop through Alarm.com’s emPower interface. With all the data in one place, it is easier to manage your resources. We know you may not be an energy expert, or know what your expected consumption should be. Simply type in your zip code and see how your bills compare to your neighbors.

Now that you have all the information, what exactly should you do with it? Go to your goal-setting feature where you can compare your ideal number with past and projected usage. Once you know exactly how much you need to cut, you can come up with a comprehensive plan.

Create a United Front for Added Efficiency

A smart security system can get all your home’s components on the same page. Optimize your lights and thermostat through the use of sensors and learned routines to save energy. All you need to remember is to arm the system AWAY when leaving your home to have your light automatically turn off and thermostats turn down a few degrees to conserve energy.

Alarm.com’s smart thermostat is actually one of the key players when it comes to cutting costs. Take, for example, its auto-setback feature. When your thermostat is going full blast with a window or door open, you are practically throwing money out the window. Using sensors, your thermostat goes into savings mode whenever it notices a door or window is open. Once it’s closed, the system goes back to active mode. You can also use the geo-services in your smart security system so your thermostat adjusts the temperature accordingly whether you’re home away, leaving home or on your way back.

Streamline Your Home With Smart Schedules

Save energy and time by setting schedules to adjust your lights and thermostat at a given time every day. At 8 a.m. the lights can turn on and the temperature turn up so you have a smooth, cozy start to your day. When it’s time for you to leave, the lights turn off and the thermostat goes into savings mode. Let your system know when you’ll be back from work so your home can greet you at the perfect temperature.

Another exciting way to do it is by using Geo-Services. Draw a virtual circle around your house and work. Once you’ve left the home Geo-Fence, the system can run pre-set changes for you i.e. turn the lights off and lower the temperature. Leaving work? Time to warm up or cool down the house again. When you enter the home’s Geo-Fence, why not have the lights turn on for a warm welcome?

Remember the importance of staying informed? It’s also relevant when it comes to your smart schedules. Do you think a new routine may be more effective? A savings estimator can let you know how a specific schedule change will affect your energy usage and compare it to previous schedules or manual changes.

Want to experience one of the biggest benefits of a smart security system? Contact Protech Security Co. to change the way you manage your home.