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What Are the Benefits of Image Sensors?

Protech Security Co. Makes Them a Focal Point of Your Home Surveillance

What Are the Benefits of Image Sensors?

If you’re going to invest in a smart security system, you need to make sure your home surveillance is just as smart. Don’t settle for static cameras that record hours of grainy images, making it impossible to find what you need. Introduce image sensors into your system. These devices will begin taking pictures as soon as they sense movement within their field of view. Want to learn how your Lake Forest, Illinois home can benefit from them? Protech Security Co. has all the information you need.

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Capture Action as It Happens

Get peace of mind knowing your image sensors are primed to catch any suspicious activity. When the system is armed and motion is detected, they will instantly begin taking pictures and make them available to you. Powered by a cellular connection, it’ll work even if your power or internet goes out.

Benefits of a Professional Installation

While there are some smart devices on the market that include many of the Alarm.com image sensor features, you still benefit from incorporating them into a smart home security system. For example, you can have lights activated when the image sensor detects motion to make sure you get the clearest images possible.

It’s also important to set the right field of vision for your image sensors. You need the motion to cross your sensors rather than go towards them. You also want to ensure the height is at the right level. By placing the field of vision high enough, you can avoid false alarms from pets passing in front of the sensors throughout the day.

What Are the Best Locations for Your Image Sensors?

As far as your overall home security, you want to install image sensors at your front door, in typical entryways, by windows, and by your security panel. The ones by your front door also let you know when someone visits or someone like a housecleaner or dog walker enters the house and disarms the alarm system. You can also include some by liquor cabinets to see if your kids are trying to access them while you’re away.

Set Rules to Capture Important Events

Let your system know when you want your image sensors to be active. For example, it may be common for your family to come in and out of the house during the day. Make sure the sensors don’t activate until a certain time every night or until your alarm is activated. You can also have image sensors start uploading pictures during emergency events like fires or floods. This will help you get valuable images that you can provide to authorities.

Make it Easy to Access Your Images

So how can you access the home surveillance pictures from these image sensors? There are a variety of ways. First, all images are stored in a cloud library that you can access through your security system’s website. You can also elect to receive notifications through a mobile app, text message or email as soon as a new image is taken. This notification would also include the snapshot so you can see what has happened.

Want to enjoy the benefits of image sensors? Install a smart home security system in your space.