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Make Your Locks Smarter With Customized Triggers

Take Advantage of a Comprehensive Access Control Solution

Make Your Locks Smarter With Customized Triggers

One of the things that make a smart security system stand out from traditional ones is that it gets all of your technology working together. One way it does this is through customized triggers, which create chain reactions within your system. These often begin with your home access control. Depending on whose coming in or at what time, just unlocking your door can disarm the security system, turn on lights and adjust your thermostat. In this blog, we'll show you some common uses for these customized triggers in your Northbrook, Illinois home.

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What Are Customized Triggers?

Customized triggers, which can also be called automation rules, are a chain of events that occur in your security system. This chain can be set off by disarming your system, using a specific user code, or opening a particular door. We work with you during the initial consultation and installation to figure out how you want to use your system and then configure rules you could use every day. While some simple rules can be created through your Alarm.com user interface, for those involving various components, we recommend calling us so we can make the appropriate changes.

What Are Some Common Uses?

• Prepare Your Home for your Arrival: As part of your access control system, each member of your family can have a unique access code. So according to their specific preferences, the home prepares for them as soon as they unlock the door. Certain lights can turn on depending on where they usually head first, and the thermostat can adjust to their desired temperature. All of your doors can unlock as soon as the front or garage door opens.

• Giving Limited Access: Meanwhile, some codes can be given limited access. If you have a plumber coming to check the kitchen sink, his code can unlock the front door, disarm the security system and turn on the lights in the kitchen. The locks to your basement, AV closet, and patio will remain locked. Your smart home will send an alert to your phone, letting you know he arrived.

• Keep an Eye on Your Kids: If one of your kids uses their access code to unlock the front door, your surveillance camera immediately starts recording and sends a notification to your phone. This way you rest assured that they made it home safely.

• Keep to a Specific Schedule: Triggers can be linked to specific times or days. You may want an entirely different reaction from your home when you're finishing up a golf game on Saturday than when you return from work. When you unlock the door, your system disarms, the lights in the kitchen turn on so you can grab a glass of water, and your thermostat lowers to help you cool down.

With a smart security system, all your components work together to create a system designed specifically with you in mind. Contact Protech Security Co. to bring a custom solution into your home.