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Incorporating Unique User Codes in Your Home Access Control

Make it Easier to Monitor Whose Entering and Leaving Your Residence

Incorporating Unique User Codes in Your Home Access Control

As the smart home security market continues to expand, smart locks remain one of its most popular products. Smart home access control solutions let you manage and monitor who's coming in and out of your home at all times. One way they do this is through unique users codes. Every member of your family as well as recurring visitors---like a housekeeper or dog walker—can receive a unique code. You no longer need to put your home at risk by keeping a spare key under the mat or making copies that could fall into the wrong hands.

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Give Access to Trusted Visitors

The primary purpose of user codes is to provide access to as many people as you want. While you can use remote home access control to let them in when you’re not home, it’s much simpler to create a code for those that will have to be coming in and out multiple times. With a personalized code, they don’t need a physical key to unlock your door or disarm your system.

Create User-Specific Rules

Codes are safer than traditional locks since they can be given specific rules depending on who’s using them. Make sure non-family codes can only be used between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Some disarm the alarm as soon as a door is unlocked, so you don't have to give a stranger access to your security system as well.

Monitor the Use of Specific Codes

Since everyone has a personalized code, it's easier to know who's coming in and out of your home. Your home access control system will store the information, telling you who came in and when they left. Stay informed by logging into it or by receiving notifications on your phone.

Receive a notification when your kids return from school and, with a smart security system, you can also get an accompanying snapshot. For workers or contractors, you can check that they arrive at the right time and see how long they stayed. You can even set up no-show alerts. If they don't use their codes by a certain time, receive a notification letting you know they missed their appointment.

Rescind Access Quickly and Efficiently

You can put your home at risk by sharing keys with strangers. Once you stop having a working relationship with them, they may refuse to return their spare or simply take a long time to do so. If they know where you hide keys, you’re going to have to keep finding a new location every time you make a new hire.

With user codes, rescinding access is as easy as logging into your system. Go to the Users tab and press the trash icon by their profile to delete them. You can also go into their profile and edit the times or days they're allowed in or just change their four-digit code.

Eliminate the vulnerabilities that come with traditional locks. Contact Protech Security Co. to upgrade to a smart home security system.