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How to Use Your Smart Thermostat in Cold Weather

Take a Proactive Approach Against the Harsh Illinois Winter

How to Use Your Smart Thermostat in Cold Weather

The weather this season has been brutal with subfreezing temperatures hitting the Kenilworth, IL area throughout December. Although the weather is finally rising to more manageable temperatures, you’re still going to need some help to make it through the next few months. Sitting by the fireplace isn’t the only way to keep warm with a smart thermostat that proactively works to keep your home at the ideal temperature at all times. Below, we highlight some of the best ways to enhance your climate control:

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Respond to Weather Prognostics

Typically, you’re caught playing catch up anytime there are drastic dips in temperature, continuously adjusting the settings to get the thermostat just right. An Alarm.com thermostat has access to weather data, so it knows whenever a really cold day is approaching and can be proactive. This way you’re not stuck freezing inside your home waiting for your heater to be effective. Plus, the thermostat prepares ahead of time, so you’re not wasting energy trying to heat up.

Conserve Energy While You’re Away

Through your Alarm.com mobile app, your smart thermostat can also adjust depending on your location. Using the company’s geo-services, it’ll go into energy saving mode as soon as you leave the house. This way you’re not wasting energy heating up an empty home. When you’re ready to head back, turn the thermostat back up from your smartphone, that way your house is nice and warm when you arrive.

Create Overnight Temperature Settings

One of the biggest strains heaters face in the winter months is during sleeping hours. Typically users like to turn down the thermostat when it's time to go to bed since they'll be under a heavy layer of blankets. Then they blast the heat again as soon as they wake up and have to go into the shower. Instead of making drastic one-off changes, you can schedule your thermostat to adjust slowly throughout the night. When it’s time to sleep, it starts lowering the temperature. It then begins heating the room up when it’s time to wake up, so it's not so jarring to get out of your warm bed.

Custom Solutions for Each Room

Individual rooms may naturally vary in temperature due in part to the direction they're facing and the number of windows they have. When trying to heat up your home during the winter, sometimes you end up with some that still feel like the arctic or others that feel like a sauna. Strike a balance with wireless temperature sensors that create precise settings for each room so you can enjoy your ideal temperature at all times.

A smart thermostat makes sure your home always stays warm whether you’re just waking up or returning from work. To learn which climate control solutions make the most sense for your space, contact us online or call us at (224) 355-1200.