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How to Incorporate Environmental Detection Into Your Home Security

Protech Security Co. Helps You Monitor Your Space for Potential Threats

How to Incorporate Environmental Detection Into Your Home Security

When you think about your home security system, you're often thinking about external threats. Locks, alarms, and even lights all work together to deter intruders. But it’s often the threats that come from within, including fire, water or carbon monoxide that cause the most damage. While a typical break-in results in $2,000 in losses, flooding can result in damages as high as $20,000. By installing a smart home monitoring system from Alarm.com in your Northbrook, Illinois property, you can reduce the risk of damages and help to limit costs if something does occur.

Responding Quickly in Case of a Fire

Under Illinois law, all buildings must be equipped with proper smoke alarms. But you don’t have to settle for standard detectors. Get an added peace of mind by upgrading to a smart smoke detector. What does this entail? Your detector doesn’t just activate your alarm. It will immediately alert the authorities. You also receive an immediate notification on your phone.

What makes these detectors effective is that they're part of a connected home. That means your entire space works together to increase your family’s safety. First, your air conditioning or heating shuts off to reduce the spread of smoke. Then your lights turn on to lead the way to the nearest exit, and the doors automatically unlock so you can make an easy escape.

Reduce the Cost of Water Damage

According to Alarm.com, almost one-fourth of homeowner property losses is due to water damage. The damage may come from a leaky faucet, burst pipes or broken appliances. Even just a small crack in one pipe can result in over 250 gallons of water leaking into your home, drenching your furniture and damaging your foundation.

We install water sensors in vulnerable areas –near sinks and washing machines— to catch leaking as soon as it occurs. When the sensor goes off, you receive a push notification on your phone and, if necessary, the authorities are alerted. Of course, with a smart home monitoring system, it doesn’t end there. We can work with your plumbers to link your water supply to your system. This way it shuts off as soon as a leak is detected to prevent further damage.

Optimize Your Carbon Monoxide Sensors

The first step in protecting your family from carbon monoxide leaks is to make sure your sensors are working properly. Our trained technicians find the perfect location for your sensor to make sure quick detection is possible. For example, carbon monoxide sensors should NOT be placed by your smoke detectors. They should be placed closer to the ground since CO is heavier than air. If placed near the ceiling, you have less reaction time since you have to wait for the fumes to rise to reach the sensor.

The reaction that smart monitoring offers against fires is also useful when it comes to carbon monoxide leaks. You are notified quickly about the leak and which sensor was set off. The lights turn on, and doors unlock to help you evacuate. The HVAC is also shut off to help reduce the spread of fumes.

Help protect your family from fire and other elements. Contact Protech Security Co. to install a smart security system in your home.