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How to Get More Out of Your Home Surveillance Cameras

Install a Smart System That Makes it Easier to Record and Watch Footage

How to Get More Out of Your Home Surveillance Cameras

A lot of moving parts go into creating a truly effective home surveillance system. Now that we’ve gone over the best cameras and where they should be installed, it’s time to talk about management. Designing a surveillance system also involves finding the best ways to control your cameras and access your footage. This blog will go over four features that help you get the most out of the brand new cameras in your Winnetka, IL home.

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Watch Footage at Any Time

Having cameras installed throughout your property may be enough to deter robbers, but a surveillance system isn’t complete until there’s an easy way to watch important footage. Everyone has different preferences, so a smart solution gives you multiple ways to access your surveillance videos.

Do you want to watch live images or look up recordings? Alarm.com lets you access live footage on your smartphone at any time via their mobile app. You can also pull up live video on your TV with their Amazon Fire TV app to see who’s there when the doorbell rings or look in on the kids upstairs. Recordings are available through their Stream Video Recorder (SVR) which creates a cloud-based streaming library where you can watch clips from anywhere at any time.

Control Your Cameras Remotely

Keep an eye on every detail with remote control of your cameras. Say you’re looking in on live surveillance footage and find something interesting. For example, you’re watching your living room and realize your dog is no longer in his crate. If you were home, your first reaction would be to look around the room to find him or look closer to see if he's really there and just hidden in the shadows.

With smart surveillance cameras, you can do just that even if you're not home. Many models include the ability to pan, tilt and zoom in remotely. Using your smartphone you can control your camera in order to search the room for the dog. With a smart surveillance system, it's also easy to switch from room to room so you can keep searching around the house until you find him.

Receive Video Alerts

A lot of our clients find home surveillance cameras to be some of the coolest gadgets we offer. That’s until they realize how boring it can be to sift through hours of footage where nothing is happening. By linking your cameras to a smart security system, you can receive video alerts instead of having to look through surveillance footage yourself.

You can set up the situations in which you want to receive alerts. Get a message with an accompanying snapshot when someone enters the front door, the back door is unlocked, or when the fire alarm goes off. This way you stay informed at all times and only have to look at footage when it really matters.

Get the most out of your brand new security cameras by integrating them into a smart surveillance system. We work with you to create a custom solution that makes the most sense for your home.

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