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How to Find the Best Security Cameras for Your Home

Protech Security Co. Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Surveillance

How to Find the Best Security Cameras for Your Home

When you're looking for a strong security system for your Northbrook, Illinois home, you have to take into account your home surveillance. What is the best way to keep an eye on what matters most? It all begins with having the right cameras and knowing where they should be placed. The experienced installers at Protech Security Co. answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding security cameras to ensure you have the best surveillance system possible.

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What is the difference between analog and HD cameras?

In the past, security cameras have traditionally been analog cameras. They’re the ones to blame for the dark, grainy images many associate with home surveillance. But in recent years, many security companies have begun offering high-definition options. These HD cameras offer three times the resolution of analog and allow you to zoom in on objects over 100 feet away so you can get clear facial and license plate images when needed.

Should I install dome or bullet cameras?

The two main types of home surveillance cameras are dome and bullet cameras. Neither is necessarily better than the other; they simply serve different purposes. Dome cameras work best in indoor settings and are placed at the center of the room to record the entire space. Bullet cameras are traditionally used for outdoor applications and are placed facing outwards in a specific direction. They can cover large areas and usually have sturdier coverings to survive extreme temperatures or rain. Both options come with zoom, pan and title capabilities.

Why shouldn’t I use covert cameras?

Covert cameras are what most people refer to as “nanny cams”. They can be hidden inside other objects or made to resemble smoke detectors or power adapters. Typically, we don’t recommend using these types of cameras in your home surveillance system. Instead, you want your security cameras to be visible. Many times just seeing them is enough to dissuade robbers.

Do I need to invest in night vision cameras?

With infrared technology now included in most cameras, there’s little need to opt for special night vision models. The one reason to purchase them is if you want your night vision to cover distances of more than 50 feet. Surprisingly, it’s more important to invest in special daytime cameras. These come with a wide dynamic range to diminish brightness so you can still get clear images on your home surveillance even if there’s direct sunlight or glare hitting the camera.

What is the purpose of image sensors?

It may be worthwhile to add Alarm.com image sensors to your home surveillance system. These are linked to motion sensors and take images when they recognize activity in the area. Install them close to entryways or stairwells and schedule them to take pictures at hours when you don't expect any activity. When linked to your smart home security, you can receive notifications on your smartphone every time a new image is taken. This way it's easy to find important images as soon as they’re available.

Are you sure you’re using the right cameras in your home surveillance? Contact Protech Security Co. to get a consultation for all your surveillance and security needs.