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How to Enhance Your Proeprty Awareness With Security Alerts

Know What’s Going On in Your Home At All Times

How to Enhance Your Proeprty Awareness With Security Alerts

As technology improves, home security systems are expected to do more than record footage and set off alarms. Beyond standard protection, smart security systems should offer great property awareness. What does this mean? It means keeping owners informed of everything that goes on in their home. The primary way to do this is through the use of alerts. In this blog, we highlight some of the ways that these notifications could be used to enhance the security in your Lake Forest, IL home.

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Keep Tabs of Who is Coming and Going

A big part of property awareness is knowing who’s on your property. With a smart security system, you can take advantage of personalized access codes. When someone enters their code, you get a notification on your smartphone letting you know. This is a great way to keep track of kids after school, monitor contractors finishing up a job, or make sure that your dog was walked in the middle of the day.

Protect Vulnerable Areas with Smart Sensors

You can also get increased property awareness for high-risk areas within your home. For example, link sensors to the safe containing your jewelry and passports then get a notification whenever someone approaches it. You can also receive one if kids try to get into your medicine cabinet, wine cellar or gun storage. Get these alerts directly on your smartphone whether you're home or away.

Remember to Arm Your Security Alarm

During hectic weekday mornings, it's easy to forget certain steps along the way. A typical property awareness alert is one reminding you to set your alarm after you've left. Your smart security system uses your cellphone to gauge your location. If it notices you've left, it can send you an alert reminding you to set the alarm. You can then make the necessary changes through your mobile app.

Make Sure All Doors Are Closed

You set your preferences when it comes to your alerts. If you find you're forgetful in other areas, you can set reminders for those things as well. Receive a notification if you didn't lock the front door, the garage door was left open, or you forgot to turn off the light in the kitchen.

Stay Informed of Unusual Activity

Your smart security system will inform you and the necessary authorities of emergencies as well. Receive alerts on your phone if there’s unusual activity in your property’s perimeter or if the fire or carbon monoxide alarms go off. By knowing as soon as something happens, you can react quickly to minimize damages.

Take advantage of a system that lets you know what's going on in your home at all times. To learn more about property awareness alerts and other smart security features, fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.