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How to Eliminate Common Home Security Vulnerabilities

Protech Security Co. Sets You up With a Tamper-Resistant Solution

How to Eliminate Common Home Security Vulnerabilities

When you’re shopping for home security systems, you’re looking for ones with the right features to protect your home. Sensors, remote monitoring and smart access control are important features in this regard. Often lost in the mix, though, is precisely how prepped the system is to defend itself. Is it protected in case of a power outage? Can third parties access your surveillance footage? Protech Security Co. partners with Alarm.Com to install a solution in your Glencoe, Illinois home that is protected from common vulnerabilities.

Protect Your System With a Dedicated Connection

Smart security systems use wireless connections, which means it's harder to tamper with them simply by cutting wires. A wireless connection also makes sure your system is still functional when the power goes out. But what you really need is a dedicated wireless connection separate from your home network.

What are the benefits of a dedicated connection? You don't have to compete with other services linked to your network, which in the era of the connected home can be everything from your smartphone to you speakers. If your router or internet service goes on the fritz, it doesn’t mean you’re home is exposed.

Avoid Tampering with Crash & Smash Protection

The most popular form of home security tampering is “Crash & Smash” attacks. When you enter your home, your system gives you a 30-60 second window to deactivate the alarm. Most systems respond the same way whether you unlock the door or tear it down. This means that if robbers break your front door, they have 30-60 seconds to reach your security panel and ‘smash’ it to prevent the alarm from going off.

How does Alarm.Com prevent these attacks? Through its patented “Crash and Smash” protection, your system immediately sends a signal saying “await deactivation” when an entry door opens. If no deactivation occurs within a couple of minutes –even if the panel is destroyed-- the central station will treat it as a burglary or home invasion and alert the necessary authorities.

Protect Your Privacy With Encryption, Firewalls

One of the most popular Alarm.Com features is the SVR which allows users to record surveillance footage on a physical device within their property and also access that footage on the cloud. However, this opens up understandable concerns about privacy. If someone were to hack the system, they would be able to look in on your family. Alarm.com takes a proactive approach to secure all your sensitive information, from surveillance footage to payment details.

All sensitive data is marked with encryption protocols and algorithms and protected behind virtual firewalls and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to restrict outside access. Which is also why a dedicated network is important. If someone gains access to your wi-fi connection, it gets them nowhere closer to accessing important security data.

Make sure your home security system is as protected as your home. Contact Protech Security Co. for a tamper-resistant solution.