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How to Design an Effective Home Surveillance System

Finding the Best Location for Your Security Cameras

How to Design an Effective Home Surveillance System

The foundation of your home surveillance system will be your security cameras. The reliability and efficiency of your system will depend not only on having high-quality cameras but also having them strategically placed. To get the best footage possible, the experts at Protech Security Co. take into account the best locations for the cameras in your Glencoe home and how they should be mounted.

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Have Cameras at Common Access Points

Entry points should be properly monitored at all times to get clear images of potential intruders. You should include home surveillance cameras by your front door, first-floor windows, and your backdoor.

Make sure cameras are visible to potential burglars but out of reach so they cannot be damaged. These entry-point cameras also offer additional benefits. The one by your front door, for example, can be used as a remote peephole so you can see who’s at the front door when the doorbell rings.

Record Common Corridors or Stairs

If an intruder does make it inside, you want to make sure you get a clear view of them. You can do this by installing cameras in common areas within the home. Include cameras in your foyer so you can see if anyone walks inside or in basement stairs to catch anyone that may have snuck in through there.

For these locations, you can use motion-activated image sensors. They take a snapshot whenever motion happens in their field of view and send it to your smartphone. This way you'll be notified as soon as the unwanted activity is detected.

Monitor Off-Limit Areas

There may be specific rooms in your home that you want to keep a special eye on. These can include wine cellars, gun closets or safes. By using image sensors in these areas, you can be informed as soon as someone –whether an intruder or young child—has entered without permission.

Mounting Your Cameras Properly

As we mentioned, all cameras should be installed in areas where it would be difficult to disable them. For outdoor cameras, you may even want to include protective casings to protect them from rocks. We work with you to find the right spot for your equipment and angle them properly to get the best coverage.

Pay extra attention to motion-activated sensors or cameras. These will only record if something crosses their field of view, so take into account how you expect people to move through your space. Place indoor camera on the side of hallways to record as people pass through. Motion-activated equipment should also be aimed a few feet off the ground so it is not activated by your pets throughout the day.

Make sure your home surveillance system is designed for success with these helpful tips. For more information on which cameras to purchase and the best location for them, fill out our online contact form.