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How Smart Technology Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Your Home Monitoring System Can Become a Powerful Parenting Tool

How Smart Technology Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Every parent wishes they could keep an eye on their kids every second of the day to make sure they're doing alright. While we don't encourage becoming helicopter parents, having a smart home monitoring system may be the closest thing. Through smart surveillance and access control, it's easy for you to know when they've made it home safely or look in on how they're doing while you're at work.  In this blog, we go into more detail on how your smart security system can become a valuable parenting tool.

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Take Advantage of Your Smart Surveillance

Through the Alarm.com mobile app, you can look in on live surveillance footage at any time. It's like having a high-definition baby cam that covers your entire home. From the couch, pull up your smartphone to make sure the baby is sound asleep. For older kids, look into their room to make sure they're not staying up after bedtime.

The most valuable aspect of your mobile app, though, is that it gives you access to your surveillance even when you’re not home. Whether you’re at work or running errands, you can look in to make sure they’re doing alright on their own. Knowing they can be watched remotely will also hopefully encourage better behavior.

Know When They’ve Made it Home

With school starting, your kids may be leaving the house or coming back when you’re not there. We know this can be a little nerve-racking for parents. We also know how bad children can be at letting you know where they are. With personalized access codes for each member of the family, you know exactly when they left in the morning and when they came back.

You can also create alerts through your home monitoring system. This way you get a notification on your phone with an accompanying snapshot letting you know your kids made it back from school. You also have the option of no-show alerts. Receive a notification if they don’t make it back from school by a certain time.

Keep Them Out of Dangerous Areas

Depending on their age, there may be certain areas of the home that you don’t want your children to access. Install image sensors in these areas and receive an alert—with an accompanying photo—when they enter somewhere they’re not supposed to be. For younger kids, keep them away from dangerous places like the kitchen or pool. Once they’re older, you can put image sensors near your liquor cabinet or the back door to make sure they’re not sneaking off without permission.

Get peace of mind knowing what your kids are up to even when you’re not home. Contact Protech Security Co. to install a smart home monitoring system.