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How Many Ways Can You Access Your Home?

Smart Locks Give You the Control Option of Your Choice

How Many Ways Can You Access Your Home?

There's nothing worse than having to fumble with a keychain in freezing weather trying to find your house keys at night. Or having your children wait on the front porch until you make it back from work because they forgot their keys. With a smart lock system from Protech, there's a solution for everyone in the family. From a smartwatch to a security code, we find the home access control option that best suits you. Below we explain the many ways the right solution lets you access your Highland Park Illinois home.

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Choose the Device of Your Choice

Most people prefer to use their smart locks through their home security interface or Alarm.com app. Which device they decide to use depends on how they want to access their homes. For example, iPads may be a popular choice when opening the door for guests. When you hear the bell, pull up your iPad to see who's there then unlock the front door from the same device.

Smartphones and smart watches can be used for the same purpose, but they're most useful for on-the-go access. When you're driving home from work, use either to open the gate, garage and front door as you pull up. You can also use these to make sure all doors are locked when you leave the house.

Share Unique Security Codes

There’s likely someone in your family that has already had five different copies of the house keys because he keeps forgetting where he’s placed them. The solution is unique security codes. Instead of a traditional key, just use a code to unlock the front door. This way, even if someone forgets their number, you can call to tell them what it is instead of having to drive over to let them in.

Unique access codes are also used to let someone in to walk the dog, do yard work or clean the house. These codes can have limited access so they only work at certain times. This way you don't have to leave a key under the mat, and you know the codes won't be used for the wrong reason. With everyone having a personalized number, you also know who came into your home and when they left.

Your Home Anticipates Your Needs

Your home access control solution can even be proactive. Through the use of Geo-Services and schedules, you don't even have to do anything to lock your doors. At least after your initial set up.

Create a geo-fence around your home linked to your mobile device. Set up your preferences, so doors lock as soon as you leave the geo-fence.
You can also create schedules and rules to manage your locks. This is especially useful for people with regular routines. Tell your system to unlock the door as soon as you disarm your alarm with your app between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. every day for a smooth return from work.

Never fumble with a set of house keys again. Contact Protech Security Co. to experience the benefits of a smart home access control solution.