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How Does Your Family Benefit From a Smart Home?

Boost Security and Convenience With a Smart Solution

How Does Your Family Benefit From a Smart Home?

There are a lot of reasons to invest in smart home technology. Through schedules, sensors, and centralized control, your home is easier to manage than ever before. This type of technology is especially popular when it comes to security systems, as it helps your home be proactive against any potential threats. Often overlooked in this technology are interactive home monitoring services that help your home work together to create the perfect environment. 

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Triggering Automated Responses

Alarm.Com makes your home smarter through multi-sensor integration. It collects information from security sensors, motion sensors, inactivity and how you use your smart app to trigger a set of rules within your home. For example, if your doors are left open for an extended amount of time, your thermostat offsets it to save your home energy. If a smoke detector goes off, you can have your furnace turn off to try and limit the damages.

Creating Personalized Scheduled Scenes

Another way you can use your system to anticipate your needs is to tell it directly what you'd like from it in the future. Create personalized schedules that will adjust your lights and thermostat according to your daily routines. For example, during the workweek, you can set the thermostat to go up at 8 a.m. when you leave the house and cool down at 6 p.m. when you’re set to return. This way the temperature is always the way you want it without having to waste resources.

Let Your System Know Where You Are

If you have an unpredictable schedule, you can use Geo-Services instead of scheduled scenes to regulate your temperature. When your thermostat notices you’ve left your Geo-Fence, it will turn up the temperature (or turn it down in the winter). Once it realizes you’ve come back down, it will cool back up. This way you can conserve energy in an empty house without having to sacrifice your comfort. 

You can also let your system know you'll be away for an extended time with a "Vacation” scene. Once this scene is activated your home security system will turn lights on randomly at 30-minute intervals, so it doesn't look like your house is uninhabited. You can also have lights just turn on in the evening to make it seem like you came back after a day at the office.

Having Your Thermostat Adjust to Your Needs

Your smart thermostat is one of the most valuable tools when it comes to your home monitoring services. It can save you money according to your location, what you're doing and what the weather is like outside.

If you don’t have Geo-Services activated, you can link your thermostat to specific actions to let it know when you’re home or away. Have your thermostat go into an energy-saving mode when you set your security alarm or turn on your garage light to get into the car.

Weather in Chicagoland can be unpredictable. Your smart thermostat collects weather data from the area to adapt automatically when you have a really hot or cold day. The system adjusts gradually, so you don't waste valuable energy reacting to weather conditions. 

Don't settle for a home that's simply smart, invest in one that's always a step ahead. Contact Protech Security Co. to take advantage of a system that adapts to meet your needs.