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How Do Geo-Services Enhance Your Home Security?

Check Out the Location Automation Solutions Available in Your System

How Do Geo-Services Enhance Your Home Security?

What if your home security system could know where you were at all times and react accordingly? It could remind you if you forgot to set an alarm or adjust your thermostats to save energy. This technology is no longer a thing of the future. It is a part of Alarm.com’s Geo-Services, bridging the gap between smart automation and security. In this blog, we explain what Geo-Services are, how they make your system more efficient, and how to set them up in your Northbrook, Illinois home.

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What is Geo-Fencing?

Alarm.com’s Geo-Services let you create a Geo-Fence around your property. Your system uses cell phone tower triangulation, which is accurate to about a mile, to gauge where you are. Through your profile, you can then create an artificial fence around your property. Once you pass that barrier, either going in or out, certain rules will go into effect.

How Can It Make Your Home More Efficient?

There are a few valuable rules you can set through your geo-services. One of them is arming reminders. Once you leave your Geo-Fence, you'll receive a push-to-action notification on your smartphone letting you know you didn't set your alarm when you left. You are able to tap on the notification which will take you right to the section of your mobile app menu where you can arm your system remotely.

Aside from making you safer, Geo-Services can also make your home more efficient. In most homes the HVAC system takes up the bulk of energy consumption. Set your thermostat to adjust according to your location. In the summer, it goes up once you leave then begins cooling back down when you return. This way you don’t waste money keeping an empty house cool, but it’s still at the right temperature by the time you make it back.

How Can You Set Up Your Geo-Services?

To take advantage of your system's Geo-Services, all you have to do is activate them. You can do this yourself or we can do it as part of your installation. Below are the simple steps to creating a Geo-Fence around your home:

1) Enable Geo-Services on Your Phone: Go into your Alarm.Com app and go to the settings menu. You'll have the option to enable Geo-Services.

2) Manage Your Geo-Fence: Once you’ve activated your service, go to your online portal. Go to the mobile menu then Geo-Services to view and edit your account. Once the service is activated, a default “Home” Geo-Fence will be created around your profile’s address.

3) Create Rules and Notifications: Through your web portal, you can edit the rules and notifications you want to be associated with your account. You can also make slight adjustments to your Geo-Fence as far as location and reach.

Upgrade your home security with a system that is smart enough to react to your specific location. Contact Protech Security Co. to take advantage of Alarm.Com’s Geo-Services.