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How Can You Reduce the Risk of Water Damage in Your Home?

Take Advantage of a Smart Home Monitoring Solution from Protech

How Can You Reduce the Risk of Water Damage in Your Home?

You may think major storms are the only real threat to your Winnetka, Illinois home when it comes to water damage, but it doesn’t take an act of nature for water to wreak havoc on your home. According to Alarm.com, leaky faucets, split hoses and burst pipes account for over $9 billion in repair costs every year. While your insurance may cover most of the costs, you may still be stuck footing part of the bill. You need a proactive home monitoring approach that can prevent up to 93 percent of water damage costs. Read on to see some of the ways our systems do this.

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Notice Leaks Quickly With Smart Sensors

What makes leaks dangerous is that they often go undetected. If you’re lucky, you may simply have to dry out your bathroom mat. With time, however, that same leak can result in serious structural damage. Your home monitoring system can detect leaks early on through water sensors placed in vulnerable areas. You want them placed near sinks, by your washing machine, and in the basement.

You can also use sensors in colder areas where frozen water may result in burst pipes. To be even more proactive during cold weather, install temperature sensors near pipes and receive an alert on your phone when the temperature drops below a certain level. You can then turn up your heat remotely or –in extreme cases—invest in portable heaters to avoid any problems.

React Quickly When a Leak is Detected

A sensor is only useful if it can relay information to you quickly, which is why these sensors should be part of a professional home monitoring system. As soon as unusual amounts of water are detected, a notification is sent to your smartphone through the Alarm.com app.

This way, if you’re home, you can immediately shut off the water supply. If you’re not home, enlist the help of a neighbor or call in the local plumber. Unlock your front door remotely using your smart entry system to let them in so they can cut off the supply themselves.

Take Advantage of an Automated Response

The integrators at Protech Security Co. can work with your plumber to install a shut-off valve on your water line. With this in place, your sensors can eliminate the middle man (though they would still notify you of any leaks). As soon as a leak is detected, your system will shut off the water automatically. With a shut-off valve installed, you can also turn your water supply on and off remotely using your smartphone app.

A burst pipe or leaky faucet can go from an inconvenience to a disaster in a matter of minutes. Contact Protech Security Co. to install a smart home monitoring system so you’re always a step ahead!