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Are You Prepared to Deal With a Home Fire?

A Smart Home Monitoring Solution Helps You Respond During an Emergency

Are You Prepared to Deal With a Home Fire?

If there is ever a fire in your Glenview, Illinois home, you need to make sure you can react quickly. Even in small fires, the heat and smoke generated can result in health issues for your family and pets. In larger ones, it could take just five minutes for an entire structure to be engulfed in flames. With a proactive home monitoring system, there are a variety of ways to protect your family and home before, during and after a fire has taken place.

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Make Sure Your Equipment Is Installed Properly

The experts at Protech Security Co. know the best places to install your equipment and work with smart smoke detectors that do more than just set off an alarm. With Alarm.com smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, your system takes a proactive approach to any emergency. Link your sensors to their own cellular connection, so you’re not vulnerable if your internet or power goes out.

Respond Quickly When a Fire Occurs

As soon as your sensors go off, your professional home monitoring service will be notified. They will then assess the situation to see if it is necessary to send an emergency response. You also receive push notifications on your phone, so you’re immediately notified even if you’re not home. If your pets are home alone, unlock the locks remotely so a neighbor can get them if it’s safe for them to do so.

Take Advantage of Your Lighting Control

While we associate fires with flames, they can actually create a pitch black atmosphere due to the ensuing smoke. To avoid being disoriented, you can have your security system light up the main hallways leading to the nearest exits so your family can evacuate quickly.

Ensure an Easy Escape with Smart Locks

You don't want to have to fidget with locks when evacuating your home. As soon as your smoke detectors go off, all your doors automatically unlock, so it's easy to get out without having to deal with complicated locks.

Let Your Home Alleviate the Damage

While you wait for the authorities to arrive, your home can work to reduce some of the damage caused by fire. As soon as a smoke or gas sensor goes off, your HVAC system shuts off to contain the fumes. If you have sprinklers on your property, they will also be programmed to go off at this time.

Helping Authorities Investigate

Your home monitoring system also helps you collect surveillance footage that can be useful during an investigation. Set your cameras to record as soon as a fire alarm goes off. This way you have a collection of images to show the necessary authorities. If you have insurance coverage, show these images to your agent to prove there was no negligence, so all damages are covered.

Make sure you're protected on all fronts in the case of an emergency! Contact Protech Security Co. to install a smart home monitoring system.