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6 Types of Security Alerts for Your Home

Enjoy an Access Control Solution That Keeps You Informed At All Times

6 Types of Security Alerts for Your Home

One of the many benefits of a smart security system is always being connected to your home through your mobile app. Video surveillance can be monitored at any time to make sure everything is going well and you can also check in to see if all the doors are locked and lights are turned off. Ensuring everything is fine in your Winnetka, Illinois home shouldn’t be your sole responsibility. You can also take advantage of security alerts to enhance your home's surveillance, access control, and alarm features. In this blog, we'll focus specifically on how alerts can boost your home access control system.

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Lock Activity

You can receive a push notification whenever a door is locked or unlocked. This feature is a great way to know exactly when your kids made it back from school. Through their personalized access codes, you get an alert letting you know who made it home and at what time.

Door Left Unlocked

Smart alerts can also serve as valuable reminders. Get a notification if a door was left unlocked after you left your specific Geo-Fence. These notifications come as actionable alerts. You don’t have to maneuver through your app to make an adjustment. You’ll get a call to action push alert that will take you right to the door locking screen. 

Garage Left Open

Your doors aren’t the only point of access for your home. Some of the most popular access control applications have to do with garage doors. Receive a notification when someone opens or closes them or receive an alert if your garage is left open after you leave the house. 

No-Show Alert

A major component of access control is monitoring who comes and goes. Extend your monitoring capabilities by creating no-show alerts that let you know when someone didn’t enter your home. Is someone scheduled to walk your dog at 11 a.m.? Get a notification if they didn't make it on time and call them to see why they’re running late. 

Sensor Activity

Sensors throughout your home can also set off notifications. Get an alert if someone approaches your front door. You can then look in on your live surveillance to see who’s there and let them in remotely. The same kind of system can be put in place for any of your home’s major access points.


Your home security system will send you a notification whenever there’s an emergency, whether it's a water leak or fire alarm. It will also notify the authorities, but you can make adjustments yourself in the meantime. For example, if your dogs are home when a fire alarm goes off, you can unlock the doors remotely and have a neighbor go in and retrieve them if it's safe to do so. 

With personalized alerts, you're always aware of what's going on in your home. Contact Protech Security Co. to upgrade to a smart security system.