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5 Ways Smart Lighting Enhances Your Home Security

Get All Your Technology Working as One to Protect Your Family

5 Ways Smart Lighting Enhances Your Home Security

There are a lot of reasons people may decide to invest in smart lighting control. It adds simplicity and efficiency. It can save your family time and money through reduced energy consumption. But there’s another reason it’s indispensable in your Highland Park, Illinois home. It’s an essential tool in your home security system. It helps you deter intruders, evacuate during emergencies and enhances your surveillance.

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Eliminating Dangerous Unlit Areas Around Your Home

While you may have installed landscape lighting to highlight certain features, it's predominantly there for your safety. You can incorporate scheduled scenes within your system to ensure your lights come on at a given time each day. As soon as 6 p.m. hits and the sun starts setting, your outdoor lights turn on to create a safe, well-lit environment.

Spot Intruders Approaching Your Property

You can also install motion sensors outside your property to help spot intruders. Set specific rules within your home security system, so if someone approaches your property after a given time, the area is flooded with lights. This serves three different purposes.

First and foremost, the intruder will realize he’s been seen and leave the premises. If you’re awake, you’ll also realize someone is approaching your home. Finally, by creating a well-lit area you help your surveillance capture better images that you can pass on to the authorities.

Eliminate Tripping Hazards Throughout Your Home

Motion sensors can also be installed within your primary walkways, both indoors and outdoors, to eliminate tripping hazards. If you’re walking to your front door late at night, the pathway lights up so it’s easy to notice any puddles or branches that could result in a fall. If you want to grab a late-night snack, LED lights lining your hallway guide the way. This way you don’t risk waking up the family by turning all the lights on en route to the kitchen.

Make it Easy to Evacuate in During an Emergency

Your lights can also be directly linked to your home security system to set off specific scenes. For example, all lights could turn on during a fire alarm so you can find your way out. If you don't want all of them activated, use those lining the hallways like you would in an airplane or movie theater. In the case of an emergency, have them show the way to the nearest exit.

Deter Robbers When You’re Away From Home

Uninhabited homes are a prime target for robbers and squatters. If you're planning on leaving for an extended period –due to work or vacation –it's important that you make it seem like the home is still in use. How can you do this? By incorporating a 'vacation' scene within your home security system. In this scene, lights turn on and off throughout the day to mimic someone being in the house.

Make sure you have a system that integrates all your technology for the best results. Contact Protech Security Co. to see which solution works best for you.