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4 Ways to Take Advantage of Home Surveillance Video Alerts

Stay Informed About What’s Going on in Your Home at All Times

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Home Surveillance Video Alerts

Advances in home surveillance systems have had as much to do with how we acquire and share video as they have with improving image quality. You can now program cameras to record according to various triggers including motion, alarms activating, and doors opening. It's also simpler than ever to access your footage. You can check archives online, look in on live surveillance footage or receive video alerts.

These alerts can also be set off by the same triggers as your cameras. Receive a text message or email with an accompanying video so you always know firsthand what’s going on in your Glenview, Illinois home. Below we’ll take a look at some great uses for these video alerts.

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1.Be Alerted in Case of an Emergency

As soon as there's an emergency–due to someone setting off the alarm or the fire detectors going off—you get a notification on your phone or email. This way you can gauge the severity of the situation and see if you should head home to resolve the problem or contact the authorities.

This type of alert can also help you reduce the number of false alarms in your system. If your video shows it was just your kids triggering the alarm, you can call them and talk to them to resolve it before authorities arrive.

2.Know When Your Kids Make It Home

One of the best things about a smart home surveillance system is that you set the rules, and they can get pretty darned specific. Want to know the second your kids are back from school? Tell your system to send you a video alert if the front door is opened between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. While you can also take advantage of unique user codes to keep tabs on the kids, the video gives you added peace of mind. You can see for yourself they made it home and that it was indeed them using the codes. 

3.Keep an Eye on Contractors and Services

If you’re expecting someone while you’re away, you can also set up video alerts to make sure they make it to the appointment on time. For many one-time services, it may not be worth it to use a unique user code to give them access. If you expect them between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., set a rule to receive a video alert if anyone rings the doorbell during that time. This way you can get a look at who's at the door before opening it remotely using your smartphone.

4.Make Sure Your Pets Are Behaving

Wondering if the reason your cat is mysteriously gaining weight is that he's been sneaking food in the kitchen? Get a notification on your phone if anyone –pet or human—enters the kitchen when you’re at work. This way you have video evidence on the little Garfield wanna-be. If you’re crating your dog in a specific room of the house, schedule hourly alerts to make sure he’s doing alright throughout the day.

The beauty of a smart home surveillance system is that it helps you stay connected at all times. Interested in bringing this type of technology into your home?

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