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4 Smart Security Features that Bring You Peace of Mind

Protech’s Comprehensive Solutions Help You Protect What Matters Most

4 Smart Security Features that Bring You Peace of Mind

Wondering if you should upgrade to a smart home security system? In a recent study by Coldwell Banker Real Estate and CNET, 72% of smart homeowners said the technology gave them peace of mind. Whether you’d like to remotely access surveillance footage or respond quickly to a fire alarm, the right solution keeps you connected to your home and helps you address problems before they become worse. Protech’s partnership with Alarm.com can bring an unprecedented sense of security to your Winnetka, Illinois home.

Have Control No Matter Where You Are

Interaction with your security system doesn’t have to be limited to a set of numbers on the wall. Forget what you know about traditional systems .The Alarm.com app gives you instant access to all your security features no matter where you are. Whether you’re at home or across the globe, you have control over your garage door, locks, alarm, smart thermostat and more from a centralized user interface on your phone or tablet.

Know What is Happening At All Times

Another perk of carrying your system with you wherever you go is staying informed at all times. By signing up to Alarm.com’s continuous recording service, you can stream high definition, real-time footage remotely to your phone or on a computer. You don’t have to be proactive to stay informed. Receive alerts on your phone when doors are left unlocked or the system is not armed and fix the problem remotely. You can even set up your own priorities. Do your children usually get home from school while you’re at work? Sign up to get an alert when they make it home or one to let you know if they haven’t arrived by a certain time. With a system that communicates with you constantly, you’re never out of the loop.   

Take Advantage of a Proactive Home

Smart security also offers a variety of automated responses to increase the safety of your family and property. Location-based automation can remind you to lock doors and arm your system once it senses you are no longer home. You can also set up similar events to happen at a given time every night. The use of sensors is also pivotal. If a leak is detected, for example, the home’s water supply can immediately be shut off to avoid further damage.

Defend Your Security System from Attacks

Protech works with Alarm.com to provide tamper-resistant technology to protect you from “crash & smash” attacks. In these attacks, intruders could take advantage of the delay offered to customers to put in their security code and rush into a home to smash the control panel. Alarm.com’s patented technology prevents this by sensing when someone enters the property and, even if the panel is destroyed, alerting the central station when the system is not disarmed within a few minutes.

Get peace of mind that your home is prepared to take on any threat with a personalized smart security solution from Protech Security Co. Contact us today to set up a consultation.