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3 Ways to Boost Your Security With Smart Access Control

Protech Security Co. Changes the Way You Interact With Your Home

3 Ways to Boost Your Security With Smart Access Control

A home is not just simply your shelter, and it is far more than just a place to hang your hat. It's a place of safety—a peaceful haven where you and your family can thrive. Decide who can gain entry to designated areas of your property or house using home access control solutions. Tie in other automation features including lighting, energy management, and video surveillance. The team at Protech Security Co. can design a customized solution for unprecedented home access control. We'll assess the layout of your Glenville, IL property and analyze the lifestyle and habits of your family to deliver a state-of-the-art plan with expert product recommendations.

Send a virtual key to anyone you choose

With smart locks, you can stop leaving your keys under the doormat. Family members can easily and securely set up access codes to your home, allowing houseguests or service professionals to enter during specific days and times. You can easily cancel or change access for any key recipient at any moment. Lock activity is recorded and logged by the system and can be reviewed at a later date so you can make sure codes are not being abused.

Access codes are also great for the family itself. Not only do you not fumble with keys, but the codes can activate other systems as well. For example, when you put in the code, the security alarm also automatically disarms. You can also set it up so that the lights in the entranceway turn on as soon as the code has been entered at the front door.

Lock and Unlock Doors From Anywhere

With tailored solutions from Protech Security Co., you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to lock your doors again. Should your kids forget their access code, you can manage your locks from anywhere using your mobile device. With a home access control system, you’ll also receive notifications when someone enters your home, or a door is left unlocked. Not sure if the contractor came by to make repairs? Monitor your home using your smartphone while you’re at the office to see if he arrived. Notice the front door is unlocked? Lock it remotely from your bedroom.

Manage Your Locks Through Geo-Fencing

Alarm.Com gives you an extra level of control with its Geo-Services. Once you download the Alarm.com app on your phone, you can have your home security system respond according to your location. It's easy to set. Just log into your app from your iPhone or Android device and go to the Settings menu to active Geo-Services. From there you can manage geo-fence preferences. That is, do you want the area to spread one mile from your home or ten?

Once the geo-service is set up, you simply have to put in the rules you want in place. For example, let your home know that once you leave your geo-fence, all the doors should be locked and the system armed. Each of your family members can set up the geo-fence on their individual devices. This way you can have settings only activate when all members have left or entered the fence.

Protech Security Co. offers keypads, smart locks, and garage door control systems to help you manage your home, keep your property secure and your family safe. Contact us for assistance in putting together a customized system that meets your needs.