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3 Unique Ways to Interact With Your Home Surveillance

Protech Security Co. Helps You Stay Connected at All Times

3 Unique Ways to Interact With Your Home Surveillance

One of the biggest benefits of installing smart security is changing the way you interact with your home surveillance. Through its Alarm.com-powered system, Protech Security Co. gives you an interactive, intuitive way to keep track of your Highland Park, Illinois home. This is how smart surveillance works: your IP video camera sends a signal to your network router which forwards it to a cloud on the internet linked to Alarm.com’s Network Operations Center. Through this approach, you always have access to your surveillance videos in a myriad of ways including the ones listed below.

Get Live Footage on Your Smartphone

In the past decade we have revolutionized how we interact with our technology and it all revolves around our smartphones. We use them to connect with friends, listen to music and watch movies. So why not use it for your home surveillance? Through Alarm.com’s intuitive app, you have access to an easy-to-maneuver menu that lets you choose what kind of video you want to watch and which rooms you want to monitor.

This is an extremely popular feature since it gives people an easy way to stay connected to their homes at all times. Whether you want to see if the kids made it home from school or check in on a vacation home, all you have to do is open your personalized app, pick a room and load the video. With a full line of cameras available that include HD and night vision options, you get crisp images at all hours of the day.

Review Clips from Your Searchable Library

What sets Alarm.com video monitoring apart from simply installing a wireless camera is the ability to record video and review it at a later time from your phone, laptop or even television. Most standalone cameras only offer live access, not a full library of clips available no matter where you are. By adding a Stream Video Recorder (SVR), you can have 24/7 video recording with access to your videos from anywhere. In a worst-case-scenario, these can help you work with authorities to decipher the cause of a fire or break-in.

Of course when it comes to recording your home and family, there will always be concerns about privacy. By working with an established player in the home security industry, you are ensured a tamper-proof off-site video storage only you can access. All videos on Alarm.com’s servers have an AES-256 encryption that clearly marks them as sensitive. They are also protected behind virtual firewalls for added protection. Privacy buttons are also incorporated into IP cameras that allow you to turn off remote monitoring or recording at any given time.

Stay Informed From the Comfort of Your Couch

With Alarm.com’s new Amazon Fire TV App you can setup a personal surveillance center on your favorite TV at the touch of a button. Say you’ve settled in on the couch on Sunday night, the kids are in bed and you’re ready watch the latest episode of “The Walking Dead”. Suddenly, you get an alert on your phone that movement has been detected by one of your patio cameras. At the same time, you hear a noise from the kid’s bedroom.

All you have to do is pause the show, pick up your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote and pull up the video screen on your Alarm.com App. Access simultaneous live streams to get HD images of the patio and your child’s bedroom on the same screen. In a matter of seconds you get peace of mind knowing nothing was amiss in your home. Now all you have to worry about is the zombies coming after Rick and his friends.

Want to bring the benefits of smart home surveillance to your home? Contact Protech Security Co. today for a solution tailored for your space.