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Articles in Category: Home Security

How Will the 2G Sunset Affect Your Home Security?

As of January 2017, Security Providers Will Not Be Able to Use 2G Wireless Networks

How Will the 2G Sunset Affect Your Home Security?

In 2012, AT&T announced it would get rid of its 2G wireless network at the end of 2016. With that deadline just around the corner, security dealers throughout the country are scrambling to help people upgrade their services to ensure they're not left behind after the 2G sunset. The purpose of this blog is to explain what these networks are, why AT&T decided to make the change and, most importantly, how it could affect the home security system in your Glenview, Illinois residence. 

TAGS: 2G Sunset | AT&T | Home Network | home security | Security System

How Do Geo-Services Enhance Your Home Security?

Check Out the Location Automation Solutions Available in Your System

How Do Geo-Services Enhance Your Home Security?

What if your home security system could know where you were at all times and react accordingly? It could remind you if you forgot to set an alarm or adjust your thermostats to save energy. This technology is no longer a thing of the future. It is a part of Alarm.com’s Geo-Services, bridging the gap between smart automation and security. In this blog, we explain what Geo-Services are, how they make your system more efficient, and how to set them up in your Northbrook, Illinois home.

TAGS: Alarm_com | Alarm_Com App | Geo-Services | home security

How to Eliminate Common Home Security Vulnerabilities

Protech Security Co. Sets You up With a Tamper-Resistant Solution

How to Eliminate Common Home Security Vulnerabilities

When you’re shopping for home security systems, you’re looking for ones with the right features to protect your home. Sensors, remote monitoring and smart access control are important features in this regard. Often lost in the mix, though, is precisely how prepped the system is to defend itself. Is it protected in case of a power outage? Can third parties access your surveillance footage? Protech Security Co. partners with Alarm.Com to install a solution in your Glencoe, Illinois home that is protected from common vulnerabilities.

TAGS: Alarm_com | Crash and Smash Protection | Home Network | Surveillance

What is the Best Home Security App?

Protech Security Co. Helps You Stay Connected at All Times

What is the Best Home Security App?

A number pad may have been adequate for traditional alarm systems, but it’s lacking when it comes to smart home security systems. With a system integrating access control, energy monitoring, alarm systems, surveillance and more, you need a comprehensive way to access everything. While you’re at home, you can do it on touchpads offering access to all your features, but for increased convenience why not take control of your Lake Forest, Illinois home with your smartphone? Below are some features that make the Alarm.com mobile app stand out from its competitors.

TAGS: Alarm_com | Apple Watch | Smart App